The Kingmaker’s Daughter


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The Kingmaker’s Daughter Book Review

The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Philippa Gregory was everything you could want from an audiobook while embarking on a very, very long road trip. If you’re into historical fiction.

The Kingmaker’s Daughter follows the story of Anne Warwick, and her sister Isabelle, as they navigate the complicated and ever-changing 15th century English court, looking for a way to fulfill their own destinies: seeking and waiting for their opportunity to become the Queen of England.

What this reviewer loves about this story is how it’s told from the woman’s point of view in a real and engaging way. Gregory illustrates these women’s ambitions, affections, fears, pains and triumphs in a way that’s believable and enticing. In a world that too often attributes a woman’s worth to the amount of sons they have, she provides women’s perspectives on being pregnant and giving birth in the 15th century, as well as the very real anxieties linked to raising these future royals.

She also provides a different, unique perspective on King Richard II, which is definitely worth notice and reflection.

Though spots can get a bit repetitive, recapping thoughts, feelings and events (sometimes needlessly for this reader), it was a memorable retelling of a time that can too easily be brushed aside when reading history’s timeline of the monarchy.

FHR tip: If you’re unfamiliar with these characters from the outset of the book, refrain from Googling them until you’ve finished the book. You may enjoy the twists and turns a bit more.

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