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The Clockwork Dynasty Book Review

The Clockwork Dynasty by Daniel H. Wilson is a meditation on the purpose of a soul, regardless of the case that carries it around.

The story follows a young woman, June, who specializes in historical clockwork and machinery, and a machine, Peter, who is as historical as they come. Their stories intersect as the race of machinery that Peter belongs to is threatened with extinction, and June is chosen as Peter’s partner in trying to unite and maintain the race.

The story is told in a compelling way, jumping back and forth between the present day’s mission and Peter’s backstory, which spans over three-hundred years and the entire globe. Wilson uses this device to reveal pieces about Peter that become increasingly relevant to the present day.

While the overall storyline became a tad complex and convoluted towards the end in an attempt to wrap things up with a nice bow, the story is an enjoyable ride, especially the back story of Peter traveling across time and the globe in his search for fulfilling his calling, his purpose. At times, it also read more like an action movie screenplay than the typical books that this reader is accustomed to, making this reader wonder if Wilson has movie rights set in his sights.


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