Cut through the mist to find the perfect book

The Horn – Rating Scale Guide

Looking for more than a 5-star review? We’ve got you covered!

Before each book review, you’ll find a series of ratings that we customize for each book, based on our individual reading experience. We hope that, if you know what kind of book you enjoy, these scales will help you cut through the thousands of books on your TBR list to find the book that’s the best fit for you.

Here’s the key:

Kale —— Cotton Candy
Is this story good for your brain, or just for fun?

To-go —– Sit and Savor
Does the language use and sentence structure make this a quick-read, or will you want to take your time?

Ohmmm —– Buckle Your Seatbelt
Is the pace of the plot of the book calming and slow, or do you want to read it faster than your eyes can keep up?

Then —— Now —— Not Yet
When in time does the story take place?

Beach ——- Library
Bring it on your next vaca? Or should you plan on taking notes for the test on Tuesday?

Borrow ——– For Keeps
Is this something you’d keep on your shelf and read again, or borrow from a friend/library?

Easy Words —— Advanced Vocabulary
Should you load your dictionary app before diving in?

Print —– Audio
How was the audio version? Or is there an advantage to reading it over listening to it?

Plot —– Character
Who’s driving this thing?

First Date —— Married
How well do you get to know the main character? All the characters?

Book —— Movie
Which was better?