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Let me start by saying I read this book in one day.

Opened it in the morning, read some more over my lunch break, and then I didn’t leave the couch for a few hours after work. It pulled me in.

The Rules Do Not Apply: A Memoir, written by Ariel Levy, tells a story of a lot of loss endured in a very short period of time.

This book was recommended by Belletrist, a book club ran by actress, Emma Roberts and writer/producer, Karah Preiss. Their goal is to “make sure that books have a life after they are read; that their “shelf life” lasts far beyond the first read.”

If you haven’t already Googled her, Ariel is a journalist at The New Yorker and also the author of Female chauvinist pigs: Women and the rise of Raunch Culture. In this book, you’ll get to know Levy’s no-B.S. attitude and feministic perspective.


“In the last few months, I have lost my son, my spouse, and my house. Every morning I wake up and for a few seconds I’m disoriented, confused as to why I feel grief seeping into my body, and then I remember what has become of my life. I am thunderstruck by feeling at odd times, and then I find myself gripping the kitchen counter, a subway pole, a friend’s body, so I won’t fall over. I don’t mean that figuratively. My sorrow is so intense it often feels like it will flatten me.” – Ariel Levy

The rules do not apply is the perfect title for this book. The rules really do not apply, and we shouldn’t constrict ourselves to what others consider the norm to be. Normal to you is not normal to everyone.

You do you!


In addition to The Horn review, I gave this book a 4-star, “I like it” rating on Goodreads. The story was real and I needed some perspective.

I tend to worry way too much, and then I overcompensate by telling myself “life is short, just do it!” And then I’m back to worrying because I’m always afraid life is too good and something terrible is about to happen.

It was refreshing to read non-fiction, and I like to think I will add in more memoirs for every few dark and twisty mystery book.


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