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I’ve decided this book is the perfect coffee table book.

Thanks to this book, I learned something new. I discovered what Moth was.

“…We all have moments in life when we are forced off the map. But the stories in this book show us that when we dare to face the unknown, we usually discover that we have more grit and tenacity than we thought. And we often land in a place that we couldn’t even have imagined when we started out.” – Catherine Burns, Artistic Director

The Moth Presents All These Wonders: True Stories About Facing the Unknown is full of heartwarming, eye-opening stories. These stories are short, so you could easily read a few in one sitting and they’ll give you something to ponder the rest of the day.

From tears to LOL, this book has all the feels. It’s full of real stories from real people.

I can’t speak to Catherine Burns’ writing because she collected and organized other peoples’ stories. However, the book is beautifully separated by story type. The handful of stories in each section relate to each other. For example, one is called Things I’ve Seen.

If I were to read it all over again, I’d savor this book and limit myself to reading only a couple stories at a time.

I’d encourage you to pick up a copy, or stop by my place. It’s on my coffee table.

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I received this from Blogging for Books to share an honest review. 

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