Since We Fell


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Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane is a study of the many, many ways that one can be abandoned in life. Some more deliberate than others, the first 2/3 of the book is watching people come in and leave the protagonist’s life through a myriad of ways.

The action picks up in the last few chapters of the book, making for interesting reading. However, the reader leaves confused about what book they’d started reading.

Is this a book about finding your inner strength? Self-discovery? Or is it a thriller that takes a really long time to pick up? Or, is it a study of all of the ways that humans can betray other humans?

Lehane starts writing one book, and finishes with a completely separate book. While it’s entertaining enough, there’s very little connecting the beginning of the book with the end. It left this reader wondering if he got lost along the way, and if a different editor may have cut some characters in favor of a more cohesive plot line.

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