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Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson takes a deep dive into the world of living with mental and physical illnesses. It is an amazing read for those trying to find community if dealing with any issues that Lawson covers, quite openly, on her blog.

The book is a brave celebration of all of the wonderful, terrible and quirky things that happen in a life. It’s a reflection of how to approach your life despite all of the things that might try to stand in your way of doing so. The book is honest, true, sporadic and quirky. Yes, I keep coming back to that word.

If you are wondering whether you’ll like this book, first check out her blog. If you can’t get enough, if she’s speaking to you at a very base level, then buy the book, come back to it whenever you need to. If the tone of her blog doesn’t quite rub you the right way, if you don’t really ‘get it’, then pass on the book.

Another quick test whether this book is for you: there’s a taxidermied raccoon on the cover of this book, that makes frequent appearances throughout. If this sounds hilarious, then have at it. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, then the rest of the book likely won’t either.

All said, Lawson tackles some truly difficult subject matter, but she sprinkles in levity and goofiness, much like what many lives are like; a balance of seriousness and silliness, darkness and light. Furious happiness.

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