All the Missing Girls


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All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda is a decent read. It tells an interesting story and will have you turning the pages steadily faster as you continue through the book.

The fascinating thing that Miranda does, however, is not necessarily with the story itself, but with how she chooses to tell it. She lets the majority of the story unfold backward, which is just a really fun way to read a book. It leaves the reader wanting to read it again to try to pick up on all of the dropped clues.

And I might be inclined to do so if it wasn’t such a deep meditation on what it is to be a high school girl. Yes, the emotions are deep. Yes, something traumatic happened. But, holy smokes, it can get a little….emo.

Overall, the book is worth reading for the narrative style.

FHR Tip: Note before you read that the title is a little misleading. ‘ALL’ implies a lot of missing girls. I thought that there’d be a hundred discovered in a cave somewhere. It’s more like ‘A handful’. Maybe a different name would have left me feeling more satisfied at the end of the book. (Not that I want a lot of people to go missing. I just feel that the title is misleading.)

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